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Household & Commercial Bin Cleaning

Step 1

Once you sign up either on our website or over the phone, you will be assigned to the appropriate route when our trucks service your area. The majority of routes clean bins the same day as the bins are emptied, however, on some routes bin cleaning takes place the next day.

You will be added to our FREE text alert system so that you’ll be notified the night before every bin clean as a reminder to leave both your bins out on the kerbside (Please refer to the Presentation section on the website).

Step 2

Simply leave both your bins out on the kerbside the night before your bin cleaning day (Please click here for the correct bin presentation). Once the bins are left out our trucks will arrive and do the rest.

Our environmentally friendly bin cleaning trucks recycle the water used during the bin cleaning process. Our trucks will use extremely hot water to clean and sterilise your bins, ensuring that all bacteria has been eliminated. Once the outside of the bins have been cleaned by the lance and the inside has been cleaned by the high pressure spinning head the bins are then sprayed with deodoriser, leaving your bins smelling fresher than ever.

Step 3

Once the professional cleaning routine is complete, we line both your bins with a biodegradable bin liner bag to help maintain your bins until your next clean. We leave your bins squeaky clean and smelling fresh.

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