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Customer Charter For Household Bin Cleaning

1. Introduction

SpongeBin Mobile Bin Wash are a member of the IBWA and are committed to providing the highest standards in the provision of bin cleaning services to their customers. They are fully committed to helping sustain a cleaner environment, SpongeBin Mobile Bin Wash only use environmentally friendly items such as biodegradable bin liners. SpongeBin Mobile Bin Wash have also reached high standards regarding their bin cleaning trucks by implementing a brand-new filtration system into their fleet, meaning that all the dirty water is recycled throughout multiple filters bringing the water back to its original clean and re-useable state.

2. Customer Service Standards
  1. We will provide a regular  and reliable bin cleaning service in a professional and environmentally sound manner.
  2. All service provision will be carried out in line with current local and national legislation and in line with sustainable wheel bin cleaning practices.
  3. We will provide you with timely, relevant and clear information regarding your wheel bin cleaning, including temporary changes resulting from public holidays or adverse weather conditions.
  4. We will consider any reasonable special requests that individual households may have.
  5. We will explain clearly what our service rules are and the reasons for them.
  6. We will respond to formal complaints we receive about our services in a timely and professional manner.
  7. We will ensure that there are no direct impediments to you switching your service provider should you wish to do so.
  8. We will offer a “2 Bin” service. The frequency of cleaning will be the waste & compost bin (in urban areas) or waste &recycle bin (in rural areas) cleaned every 4 weeks on the same day as bin collection or on the day after.
3. Communication With Customers
  1. We will explain clearly what services you can expect to receive and will provide details of the cleaning services we offer on a rural/urban basis.
  2. We will provide you with clear and concise billing which will allow you to understand all elements of the costs involved in providing your bin cleaning services.
  3. We will inform all customers availing of a domestic bin cleaning service at least 10 days in advance of any predictable alternative arrangements made for cleaning in relation to public holidays etc… or any proposal to vary the level of cleaning.
  4. We will keep you informed of changes in our service that are designed to improve
    our service offering.
  5. At the time of initial service provision, each customer will be provided with details of their service providers; full name and address, contact details (website where available, phone number, email, postal address), a clear breakdown of pricing policy for provision of service, process for accessing account statement and balances, procedure for receipt of payments, process for dispute resolution, procedure for customers who have fallen into arrears with their payments, where applicable, service provision frequency and details and the procedure for cancellation of service provision.
  6. In the case of e-Commerce contracts with customers, and in line with reducing paper
    usage, if possible communication and documents will be sent by email, unless
    otherwise requested. In the interests of the environment and reducing costs we are committed to increasing communication by this method.
  7. We will alert you at least 30 days in advance of the expiry of your contract.
4. Household Responsibilities
  1. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the correct bin/bins is out the night before cleaning day. Failure will result in the customer missing a bin clean.
  2. In the event that you have difficulty paying your outstanding bill, please contact us
    directly as soon as possible as we have a procedure to agree an individual payment
    plan which deals with how we will manage customers who have difficulty paying their bill. We reserve the right to withdraw service provision either permanently or temporarily due to the non-payment of outstanding bills.
    Irish Bin Washing Association Customer Charter – March 2021 Page 3
  3. Contact us, as your wheel bin cleaning service supplier, if you have any queries on
    how our services operates. We have the expertise to provide the appropriate service
    or advice on how to best resolve the issue.
5. Pricing, Charging Mechanism and  Access to Account Information.
  1. The range of service and costs for service provision will be clearly communicated to each customer.
  2. New Customers will receive information on charging and pricing structures at the
    time of sign up i.e. whether over the phone, via website sign-up or via completion of
    hard copy application form.
  3. Information, including a copy of Terms and Conditions of Business will be provided
    to Customers as part of new Customer Welcome Packs and will be available on our
    company’s website.
  4. Any changes to the Terms and Conditions of Business will be communicated to
    customers in a timely manner. Payment of invoices following such notifications shall
    be taken as acceptance of the updated Terms.
  5. Customers will be entitled to easy access to their account information including
    invoices / balances.
6. Complaints Procedure/Dispute Resolution
  1. You are entitled to a fair and reasonable hearing when you have a genuine complaint
    or dispute and the company commits to resolving your issues as quickly as is
    reasonably possible. Please find our contact details for complaints:
    Phone: 042-9377611
    Email: [email protected] Post: Cortial, Kilkerley, Dundalk, Co. Louth, A91 VFW5
  2. We will respond to formal complaints that we receive about our services in a timely
    and professional manner. In the case of written complaints, within 10 working days.
  3. Complaints shall be logged on the individual customer account with a tracking facility
    to ensure the complaint has been resolved.
  4. Billing disputes are handled on a case by case basis and recorded. We will liaise with
    you directly to resolve the matter.
  5. Dispute resolution including withdrawal of service will be in line with the company policy available on the company website or which is sent out by post on request. This will be a fair and equitable process in line with good consumer policies.
7. Education and Raising Awareness
  1. We shall implement an education and awareness programme in relation to wheel bin cleaning for householders. This will be available via promotional literature that we provide directly to you and via our website.
8. Termination of Service/ Refunds / Changing Service Providers
  1. Should you wish to terminate your service provision, please advise us by email or in
    writing or by phoning giving 30 days’ notice. Any money left overdue will have to be
    paid off before terminating the service.
  2. We will ensure that there are no direct impediments to you switching your service provider, but cancellations will not be accepted from any unauthorised third party.
    – When switching providers, you may be asked to provide proof that all outstanding bills have been paid to the previous provider. If requested we can provide a receipt and confirmation for your next service provider that your account is paid in full. This will be issued within 7 days of receipt of any final payment made or received.
    – If you cease service provision for any reason, our Refund Policy and service Cancelation Charges are clearly described in Terms and Conditions of Business available on our web site and which we can dispatch by post if requested.
9. Changing Ownership of Bins
  1. It is the customers responsibility to notify SpongeBin Mobile Bin Wash of a waste management provider change, collection day change or if the customer has had their bins changed. Customers can notify us via our call centre or by email.
  2. This Charter does not affect your statutory rights in any way and provides a simple interpretation of our commitment to you, our customer, and what we expect in return, to help ensure that you are provided with the best service level possible.