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Environmental Policy

SpongeBin Mobile Bin Wash recognizes that good environmental management will ensure environmental protection.  While all human activity can cause impacts on the environment, we seek to reduce this impact and to improve the quality of the environment for everyone. Prevention of pollution and protection of the environment are part of all  decisions, policies and practices. We are fully committed to the operation of our services and facilities to the IBWA standard.

SpongeBin Mobile Bin Wash is committed to:

  1. Evaluating the environmental aspects related to the carrying out of our business and the resulting impact in order to  ensure that our operations are carried out in a manner that ensures environmental protection is taken into account.
  2. Pollution prevention and continual improvement through the setting, continual review and achievement of  environmental objects, targets and management programs as well as the publication of objects and targets internally  within the company. 
  3. Compliance with all applicable Irish and EU legislation, policies, plans and targets. 
  4. Providing for the communication of the environmental policy to persons working for and on behalf of the company and  externally to all interested parties on request. 
  5. Ensuring efficient usage of resources such as electricity, paper, fuel and promoting a policy of bin cleaning wherever  possible, both in-house and with customers. 
  6. Providing the necessary training and support to employees to ensure that they are able to fulfil the commitments set  out in this statement of company policy. 
  7. Minimising the risks of environmental incidents and, in conjunction with the appropriate authorities, ensuring an  emergency response capability to deal with leaks and spillages. 
  8. Encouraging contractors, suppliers and customers to develop a similarly concerned approach to the protection of the  environment. 
  9. Being open and honest and increasing public sensitivity taking responsibility and action of bin cleaning operations.
  10. Fully considering the impact on the environment before committing capital expenditure or entering into any new  business ventures. 
  11. Measurement of our environmental performance by conducting regular environmental audits and assessments of  compliance with the environmental policy, relevant environmental legislation and the requirements of the company.